Create a farm with 3bot container


i finally got 3bot started.

now i want to create a farm - there is no option to choose the existign farm.

unfortunately i cant create a Farm it needs a wallet and the 3bot wallet isnt able to get added…

Is this feature not done already? cause we all have no stellar-connected wallet?
Any idea?

The wallet you get from the current 3bot wallet app only support TFChain TFT, not yet stellar TFT.

So 2 things.

  • If you want to set the TFChain TFT in your farm info. use the TFChain asset code.
  • You can also create stellar TFT wallet directly from the 3Bot UI. on the left side menu click on wallet manager, then top right corner create. This will create a new stellar wallet with all required trustline.
    Make sure to save the secret of this walet. And you can use this address with the TFT, TFTA and FreeTFT asset code in your farm.
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Thank you!
and how is it about the automated migration from 3bot wallet to stellar wallet?

if i create now a wallet here its a empty one. i have all my tokens in my 3bot.wallet…

im a little bit confused abput all the wallets…

threefold app (1 wallet), 3bot (2 empty wallets), stellar (1 wallet)… :wink:


ok i have created a wallet… its only possible to set a name…

it was showed in the list of wallets…

i tried to go for a new farm.

i entered the wallet with TFT asset -> no wallet found.

i went back to wallet view… there is no wallet shown…

if i do again create wallet with same name. it doesnt work:

but there is no wallet…

next Problem:

importing a 3bot wallet doesnt work also…

with the correct secret… but it says - no

one further thing to say! it writes the phrase in the log in CLEAR Text! not a good idea i think

there are shown 2 admins in my 3bot - i never created twice…

may that be a problem?

3bot connect wallet will have stellar very soon. It took a bit longer to do the conversion, as we wanted to be 200% certain that your tokens are safely converted, and had to do thorough testing. But we’re really almost there now. Stay tuned !

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