Can we mine DERO using the Titan v.2?

Or does this require a partnership to be set up?

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Hello @bradboy, I am sorry but nothing other than TFT can be mined using Titan v.2 .

@Amanda, My understanding is that partner currencies (e.g., $ONE and $DGB) can also be mined.

Basically any Linux workload that needs CPU and storage can run on the TFGrid. So I imagine also DERO is possible indeed, but I don’t know the requirements. Up to you to see what is the cost to reserve capacity and what is the benefit of running these miners. For BTC it won’t be beneficial (as this requires specialized hardware), for others it might be.

To be clear, our official support is for validator nodes on these networks, not miners. CPU mining is certainly possible on the Grid, as Geert mentioned. What is not possible, to @Amanda’s point, is running anything alongside Zero OS on a 3Node. Mining software would need to be deployed as a workload within Zero OS.

That helps, thanks. I hope to experiment with this once I get my 3Node next month.