Cost and Setup of other nodes on your own Titan 3Node


I have a Titan 3node on the way soon. I see on the marketplace page other blockchains like Presearch and Harmony can create nodes on the threefold grid.

My questions are: is that free since it is on my own Titan 3node? if not how expensive is it? And are the instructions for each node applicable to setting it up on your own node instead of just the grid itself?

My main question is if it cost me money or TFT to run another node on my own Titan 3node. I would hope since its my hardware that it would not cost anything but just curious.


For now, the marketplace does not allow you to deploy solutions to your own node.

That said, it is certainly possible to deploy blockchain nodes on your Titan, using lower level interfaces. This is something I’ve had some success playing with and would love to share with the wider community. It’s pretty technically involved at this point, so I’ve been waiting for the release of Grid 3.0 which will simplify doing this.

To answer your question on cost, it is technically possible to give yourself free capacity on Grid 2, but on Grid 3 it will only come at a discount. Let’s consider the two cases to see why, assuming that you were using all of the capacity on your node:

Grid 2
Eventually your node stops farming tokens, because farming rewards diminish over time to limit supply. Since you have reserved all capacity on your node for free, it doesn’t generate any income.

Grid 3
Your node continues farming tokens for five years at a constant rate. You must spend/burn tokens to utilize that capacity which offset the farming rewards you are receiving.

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Thank you for the response. This definitely clarifies things for me.