Conversation between Weynand & ThreeFold Partner Jeroen Douglas

Wanted to share what I thought was a really great conversation between @weynandkuijpers and Solidaridad Network Executive Director Jeroen Douglas, who also happens to be a ThreeFold partner.

Is it possible to make a password-free internet for one dollar owned by data smallholders? How to overcome the digital divide and reclaim the internet from big tech? Listen to Weynand Kuijpers from ThreeFold: a voice from outer space that is building a new internet highway for and by the people. A discussion of being inclusive by making it simple.

Great for those who don’t like to read! :laughing: Hope you enjoy! :pray:

Also, if you haven’t seen, Weynand recently created a topic about the revival of ThreeFold + Solidaridad. Super intriguing.