Contributing to the TF Manual: A Quick Guide

How to Contribute to the Threefold Manual

Table of Contents

Main Steps to Contribute

We present here the main steps to add content to the Threefold Manual,

  • Go to
  • Fork the Development branch
    • On the top right corner, click Fork -> Create a new fork
  • Make changes in the forked repository
    • To add a new markdown file:
      • Add the new md file to the src directory.
      • Add the path of the md file to SUMMARY.
    • To modify an existing markdown file:
      • Make the changes in the markdown file directly
  • Ask for a pull request
    • In the forked repository, click Contribute -> Open pull request
  • Once the pull request is accepted, the changes of the Development branch are available here:
  • The Threefold team will then update the Master branch from the Development branch

How to Build the mdbook Locally

If you want to see the changes you made on the Threefold Manual, you can build locally the manual.

Follow those simple steps:

  • In your terminal, create a new directory
    • mkdir info_grid_local && cd $_
    • git clone && cd $_
      • make sure to write your own github account in the URL
    • cd info_grid
    • mdbook build
    • mdbook serve --port 3031
      • You can use a different port too
    • In your browswer, enter the following URL
    • You should be able to see your changes

How to Install git and mdbook

To install git, follow the steps provided here.

To install mdbook, you need to install Rust and Cargo. Installing Rust should also install Cargo. To install Rust, follow the steps provided here.

For more information, you can read this documentation on mdbook.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or you would like to share some feedback, let us know!


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