Comparing to StackOS

I think studying the competition is vital. It’s good to see where we stand, because we are in somewhat of a tech race. Most of us are familiar to Flux (though I haven’t checked up on them in 6 months) but a new one I have discovered on StackOS. Now I’m not an expert on them yet, but they seem more like a Flux clone that hasn’t added community node functionality yet.

A quick way to compare is to look at there statistics.

And ours

A quick takeaway is their total CPU size is a third of ours. Their utilization is also <500 threads, which is less than half of us. Curiously, their homepage states 1.5k deployed apps, so not sure how that is possible.

According to CMC, their market cap is ~4x ours, which is annoying considering we are much further ahead in size and tech work. Of course, that estimate may be wrong as I’m sure the market cap is very wrong for both of us. I don’t want to hate on them as they are more legit than 95% of the projects out there, but they do a lot of less than great marketing stuff. Hype dates, guess what’s coming, etc etc. There community is much larger and much louder than us, though not in the ways we want. Their community also unironically asks “wen” questions.

I don’t really have much a point with this post. Just sharing information. It is hard to find new projects that are competing for the same market share.


Nice post.

Indeed it is good to “study” or be aware of what others are doing.

It’s also good for TF users to be able to compare.

Been following them a bit too. I think StackOS is built around Kubernetes clusters, so like Akash in that way versus Flux which runs containers without Kubernetes.