Check if node online

During the migration of the Bancadati and TLRE farm, I have noticed that most, but not all nodes were registered to the grid.

Bancadati registered 85 out of 88 nodes.
TLRE registered 182 out of 186 nodes.

Now I want to find these missing nodes without going through the IPMI terminal one by each to see if they are running proper.

Is there a way, like in the old version of ZOS, where I can get a client of some sort to the nodes via a local connection and check on it’s health?
If there is, can someone point me to the docs so I can write the scripts etc.
Other strategies to accomplish this are of course very welcome.

0-OS v2 send an heart beat every 10 minutes to the explorer.
The last heart-beat received timestamp is available through the API of the explorer. example:
Check the updated field in this result.

An python explorer client is available at
There is also a SAL that provides you with nice method to create reservation and explore the grid:

There is also a go client for the explorer at :

We are in the middle of documenting the explorer API so anyone can implement its own client for it.

If you want to have a UI to check the status of you nodes, the Farm management page in the admin panel also gives you the information.
The explorer also let you filter by farm and gives you the same information

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I don’t think this is really what I’m looking for,
I want to be able to map physical nodes to the nodes on the explorer so I can check which ones are there or not.

Currently I don’t know a way to do this and I don’t want to look for 7 needles in a hay stack myself.

Hmm ok, I can see the management interface IP on the node detail page, that could work!

I could also do something with node_id_v1

Indeed, you should be able to map your DHCP configuration with the information returned in the ifaces array.

Would it help if the hostname of the node would also be included in the node document ?

Hmm I think i’ll be able to do fine with the IP addresses, no need for hostnames (so far)

Hmm maybe it would be a good idea to add hostname if they are present for all nodes

I’ve been looping all nodes and printing it’s node ID and the inteface that has an ip that starts with 10.10.
As you can see from the excerpt of the result below, not all nodes seem to have an interface with that IP
Also looking at the result of the API call (underneath), ifaces returns null

I also don’t have way to map with node_id_v1, I don’t have that data stored on files I have access to, I do have a list of the ZT IP’s but no access anymore to the ZT networks (my gig google account been deleted)














  "id": 433,
  "node_id": "DT2DiitgXyGKj8TFsEC8snBT7jy4ytQiPLQvqNwsjByb",
  "node_id_v1": "ac1f6b457b2c",
  "farm_id": 173635,
  "os_version": "0.3.1",
  "created": 1589209551,
  "updated": 1589545463,
  "uptime": 336244,
  "address": "",
  "location": {
    "city": "Uknown",
    "country": "Switzerland",
    "continent": "Europe",
    "latitude": 45.922,
    "longitude": 8.9844
  "total_resources": {
    "cru": 8,
    "mru": 63,
    "hru": 0,
    "sru": 22356
  "used_resources": {
    "cru": 0,
    "mru": 0,
    "hru": 0,
    "sru": 0
  "reserved_resources": {
    "cru": 0,
    "mru": 0,
    "hru": 0,
    "sru": 0
  "workloads": {
    "network": 0,
    "volume": 0,
    "zdb_namespace": 0,
    "container": 0,
    "k8s_vm": 0,
    "proxy": 0,
    "reverse_proxy": 0,
    "subdomain": 0,
    "delegate_domain": 0
  "proofs": null,
  "ifaces": null,
  "public_config": null,
  "free_to_use": false,
  "approved": false,
  "public_key_hex": "b8f6b90a9b55a08e2c19def83ae472242b5f5ebbac88e357a6dd6eb0a47b69ea",
  "wg_ports": null

It seems a bug has been introduced recently in the network daemon of 0-OS. Normally you should always get at least the detail for the zos interface. I’ll check why exactly some of your node didn’t reported those.

I also open a feature request for the hostname:

I also checked the logs from DT2DiitgXyGKj8TFsEC8snBT7jy4ytQiPLQvqNwsjByb and found this:
[+] networkd: 2020-05-15T12:48:41Z fatal failed to create DMZ error="ndmz: could not node create pub iface 6: failed to find a valid network interface to use as parent for ndmz public interface: no interface found with ipv6"

There is no IPv6 available in the Bancadati Datacenter, Moresi is working on a proposal to offer this. Should I open a new topic to discus the IPv6 related stuff?

As you must have seen in the network documentation for 0-OS v2:

iPV6 is an hard requirements right now.

Yes, this document has been forwarded to Moresi.