Change email address from minting email

“Anyone know how I can change the email address TF sends minting details to?
It comes from a noreply email so cannot reply to it”
(by colin baker, moved from tf_chat_farmers)

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hi colin, we use the email address from your farm which you entered when you setup your farm in the farmmanagement section of 3Bot.


Thanks Andreas, next silly question is how do I access the farm management section of 3Bot?
I can’t see anything farm related in my 3Bot app, which might be a personal 3Bot, I honestly can’t remember how I connected to my farm!

@colin You probably connected it through a hosted 3bot here:

If you login with your TF Connect App you should be able to see a list of your existing 3bots.
From there you can login to your 3bot and you’ll then see Farm Management in the side panel.

Let me know if that helps.

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