Certified nodes payment correction

Hi all,

Over the past couple of days, we (the ThreeFold Team) have noticed some inconsistencies in the minting payout affecting certified nodes. Specifically, it has been observed that these certified nodes did not properly receive the “scaled” payout with regard to their uptime. This has resulted in no tokens being rewarded for nodes which did not achieve a minimal uptime, whereas nodes which did manage to get this uptime got the full reward, even if they were not online for the whole period (i.e. they did not have 100% uptime).

In the meantime we have found the root cause of this bug in the minting code, and it will be fixed before the next payout. Next to this, we also verified all payouts off all nodes since this bug was introduced, and identified all affected nodes (including the size of the discrepancy). Considering the relatively small size of the outstanding payments (roughly 25K TFT), it has been decided that we will pay the difference to the owners of these nodes from a foundation owned wallet, rather than creating a special minting payout.

In regards to the nodes which erroneously received too much TFT as mentioned above, these will not be deducted in any future minting payout, as they were minimal in size.

The team aims to conclude the payments by Friday next week (24th of February). The most recently used payout address will be used (the one used in the last minting period), so certified node owners will not need to take any action. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask them here.

Kind regards,
The ThreeFold Team


Thanks to @dylanv and @smetl we have made sure that everyone who did not get their full payment because of this issue received the difference today.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,
The ThreeFold Team