Carry On, Cancel or...? : 'Google pressed in lawsuit to dump Telegram just like Parler'

It’s a thin line…canceling everything is obviously not the solution :roll_eyes: What do you think?

See recent article on Bloomberg:

I am shocked and amazed of what has happened in this space the last couple of weeks. People being thrown of social media by social media, social media (platforms) being thrown off from app stores and cloud providers and cloud providers with a search engine threatening so stop serving a continent. Crazy.

What to do is a very interesting question? I have some thoughts and they represent the two camps involved: first us, the consumers. We need to stand up and no longer accept that we are seen as a product to these large social media platforms. Secondly us, the innovators. We need to create and provide an alternative to these large digital monopolies that are rising and flexing their digital muscles.

We (the innovators) are on a path to provide alternatives technologies to what is available and we are combining forces with other innovators to create a platform by people for people, and create alternative solutions on top of this platform which puts the controls of where your (consumer) data goes back in the hands of you!