Capacity reservation?

When will users be able to reserve capacity with tokens en deploy for example a kubernetes cluster?


We’re in flight to get all the requires knobs in the right position. Technology wise the the grid is ready to have workloads. If you are interested - have a look here

The steps that we need to complete on are the wallet and token migration and having grid nodes updated to zosV2.0. So capacity reservations without tokens on testnet: with tokens coming in march.


Thanks @weynandkuijpers for the update! So in March we will go officially live and will be able to deploy workloads with tokens… Is this in the beginning or end of March ?

Do you plan to create a demo from reserving capacity with tokens al the way to setup a workload like a kubernetes Wordpress?

yes and yes! I will check for a more specific date and come back :wink:

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Hello @weynandkuijpers any update on the date for capacity reservations?

Hi Wim, Thank you for chasing me - reservations done and paid for with tokens for end of march


Hi team,

Mark van Wyk here, from South Africa.

I’m massively excited about your network as well as collaborating with you. I’ve bought a small about of TFT tokens. I would love to host my open-source project on your network and also demonstrate it to you.

I’ve developed a very modern and exciting open-source component-based front-end / inline CMS for Vue.js web sites. It’s my alternative to Wordpress (Wordpress has gotten way out of hand in my opinion).

I’m hoping that you’re excited by it and there is opportunity for collaboration, with it potentially forming part of your offering / services. But first I need to get a demo up.

It’s called WindsockUI. It uses tailwindcss as a base, so I figured I’d call it windsock as you need to know which way the wind is blowing before you can catch a tailwind.

What are the next steps? How do I prepare my application for hosting?

  • NUXT.JS frontend (npm / webpack / vue.js)
  • Spring Boot back-end (gradle)
  • PostgreSQL database (9+)

I’m happy to repost this in the correct forum if this is the wrong one.



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Hi there Mark!

A warm welcome to the ThreeFold Community!

We’re currently working on our documentation to how you can get your first hands-on experiences with the TF Grid. You’ll find more on this topic on and the manual can be viewed here Please keep in mind that both the website and the manual are works in progress.

WindsockUI sounds awesome!
I will spread your information to our teams involved in webdev/frontend and also content teams.
Feel free to shoot me a message on @roelvansabben on telegram. I would love to dive in myself as well.

Hey Mark
Green Edge is a TF Farmer and we have servers connected to the Grid in Capetown. We have some capacity available and are looking to work with early adopters with a free trial period if you’re interested ? Let me know by email: and I’ll connect you with our GM who can discuss further
All the best


Hi Mark There are twp nodes in Johannesburg on version 2 ready for use

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