Capacity reservation?

When will users be able to reserve capacity with tokens en deploy for example a kubernetes cluster?


We’re in flight to get all the requires knobs in the right position. Technology wise the the grid is ready to have workloads. If you are interested - have a look here

The steps that we need to complete on are the wallet and token migration and having grid nodes updated to zosV2.0. So capacity reservations without tokens on testnet: with tokens coming in march.


Thanks @weynandkuijpers for the update! So in March we will go officially live and will be able to deploy workloads with tokens… Is this in the beginning or end of March ?

Do you plan to create a demo from reserving capacity with tokens al the way to setup a workload like a kubernetes Wordpress?

yes and yes! I will check for a more specific date and come back :wink:

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Hello @weynandkuijpers any update on the date for capacity reservations?

Hi Wim, Thank you for chasing me - reservations done and paid for with tokens for end of march