Can ThreeFold Grid Be banned or blocked?

Hello, on behalf of Russian speaking community members, wanted to open this thread.

Can ThreeFold Grid be banned or blocked somehow on a network provider level or governmental level? If no, can you please explain why it would be hard? How much ThreeFold Grid is resilient toward blocking attempts?


If the content is distributed over a classic IP network, through ISPs, countries can do the same as they do now: bring down the internet or part of it. With the planetary network, however, that is another story, as it connects the people that are interconnected over the PN directly. Planetary Network will be way harder to bring down.


Could farming somehow theoretically be banned in select countries?

Banned by law - yes - just like crypto is still illegal in some jurisdictions. Banned by technical means: this will be very hard. A 3node receives and send encrypted traffic only which is hard to recognise as “specific traffic” for this project. There is such an amount of encypted traffic all over the place that identifying and blocking it is a very labor intensive task.

As @Geert said, also we use an overlay network that has it’s own point to point routing protocols so the TF GRid is less relying on central exchange on connection points. End points are able to find their own “route” to the destination node independent of network routing (very cool!).


And what about modern high-tech firewall systems with AI that can detect patterns etc?

@nickolay I am not sure where you want to go with these questions. Obviously with enough resources (technical, people and funding) everything is possible. But to achieve what? The network is the transport layer of data and all sorts of data transport co-exists in that network layer. Filtering / taking this out has been around for decades, but not often used as there is always another way to get data transported.

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