Calculate Farming Rewards

My DIY node has been running for about six months and I love how hands off it has been and the low power consumption. Each month I receive an e-mail with the farming rewards which contains information such as uptime, payout amount, and registration hashes. I noticed the payout amount has some variation each month and it doesn’t exactly line up with the rewards calculator. For my own knowledge is there a way that I can calculate and reconcile the payout amount myself based off my specs and uptime? Also how do I determine the price of TFT at the point of registration on blockchain and is the price adjusted if I bring a new node online?

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Glad to hear that farming has been going smoothly for you :+1:

Since we’re still on v2 minting, rewards decline a bit each month. My node is earning a little less than what’s reported by the last v2 calculator that was released. Uptime is only used to determine if your node gets paid for a given month, so you’re seeing rewards for full months. Since we’re focused on activating minting v3, I don’t know if any more updated minting v2 calculators will be released.

Regarding locking in a TFT price for the new minting model, the current news is that we’re considering offering a set rate to all farmers who migrate in January. After that, it’s still being determined if price will depend on some kind of moving average or other method to curb the influence of volatility. Either way, yes, this is a per node figure that would change for new nodes that are added.


Sounds good, thanks for the info. I find the forums very helpful.

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