Cache Disk: no SSD disks detected

I’m trying to run my own 3node, but so far I’ve been struggling with this issue. I’ve followed the instructions and made a “wipefs” to my /dev/sda. Currently I’m testing the node running on a VM with a clean disk, toggled the ssd box and configured the disk as AHCI. Nevertheless this errormessage always shows up.
I just don’t know how to overcome this.
Please help me!

Hi @manolius148. Welcome! It reads like you have done all the right things. You speak about “this error message”, but I cannot find which error message. Can you write or send a screenshot of the error message?

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I am not sure, but could it be that your node will not register if you are running on a virtual machine? It needs bare metal.

Just a thought but I never did exactly what you are doing.

Error message displays No sse disk detected.

And this is in the physical, barebone machine, correct?

Well in the physical it is normal. I need my computer so I can’t erase my disks. This is in the VM. But anyway I have configured my virtual disk to be SSD and cleaned it even though it has nofile system nor OS yet installed.

Aaah @manolius148, understood. Although you will not farm token rewards with the virtual machine, it is a perfect way to see and learn how Zero-OS boots and works.

I have used VM’s to demonstrate the simplicity of creating an identity (private key) pus farm, then download the Zero-OS bootloader and boot a VM. This has never caused me real problems. I have been using Virtualbox (on Macos and Linux) and lately I have moved to qemu, the opensource virtualization platform.

What are you using?


Same as you, VirtualBOX, I have to try qemu, too. How did you configure it? I just cannot help seeing the ssd error displayed no matter what I do.