Brainstorm: 3node Upgrades for V3 following V3 End of 3node Registration

Brainstorm: 3node Upgrades for V3 following V3 End of 3node Registration

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing fine. TF Grid 4.0 (V4) is coming. Still, farming will be possible on Grid 3.0 for farmers already on V3.

And the Question Is…

Some farmers are asking in the Telegram channels: can I upgrade my V3 3node after V3 closes?

As we know, with V3, 3nodes generate constant TFT per month for 5 years. Many farmers start with a basic 3node and then upgrade, either with more RAM or storage, or a mix of the two. That’s clever as you can start with a basic setup, get to know how to farm, and then upgrade as you get more into it.

Scott said: “Nodes added after the entry price increases earn less TFT per unit of capacity. So there’d be diminishing returns for farmers who waited to do the upgrade if we continue the entry price concept for upgrade on v3.”

Thus questions arise: Would there be a limit on potential upgrades for V3 farming? Also, how can we even track upgrades? Is it even possible?

As @scott said, in full philosopher mode:

It gets into a bit philosophical territory about what is a node? Is it a chassis and a node ID? A mainboard? Some hardware configuration? It might seems simple on the surface but it’s actually a pretty slippery concept.

This is thus an open discussion. V3 is not going to close right away, so we have time to ponder. But now is a good time to start brainstorming.

Please let us know what you think!

Feedback and Propositions

I’ll leave some thoughts and ideas by farmers here. I will add some more if additional content comes along.

  • Mango Steve said: “since v3 nodes are entered at 0.08c TFT at registration, perhaps they can remain upgradable until that price threshold where this could be exploited?”