Blocked on Network deployment on a local 3bot installation

Hello to the 3fold community :slight_smile:

New to 3fold, I’m presently trying to setup a test environment.

I’ve installed a 3bot locally on the Testnet grid. It is running properly, but I can’t deploy a network and that blocks me from exploring the possibilities further.

The chatbot returns an error " The following error occured: pool is required" at the IP range step. This error is returned whether I let the bot choose for me or when I input manually the range (

Is there a special configuration to setup? I haven’t noticed such in the manual.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @JeromeUlrich and welcome :slight_smile:

Can you tell me which version of the 3bot you installed ? I’m suspecting you are using an old version that is not compatible with the version of testnet currently.


Could you tell me how to check the 3bot version? There is no “version” command for the threebot bin and I can’t see any version related information in the gui dashboard.

From where did you get the threebot binary ?

I used the pip install command as described in the manual, so:

python3 -m pip install js-sdk

FYI, I’m on ubuntu 18.04

Hi @JeromeUlrich Welcome

that version is published 16 days ago and in our current docs we say we don’t recommend using pip for anything before that release


Steps needed to recover

  • Remove the current setup of js-sdk pip uninstall js-sdk

  • If there’re any remaining things for that previous setup you can check with which threebot

  • for previous configurations if you want to remove, you can do rm ~/.config/jumpscale/secureconfig

Please follow

  • if the setup process is cumbersome you can always get one online from (this one works against testnet tokens)

feel free to reach out to me @xmonader on telegram or opening an issue on

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Hello @ahmedthabet,

Thank you very much for your help.

Former local installation has been successfully cleaned out, but the link you provide ( points to a “not found” page.

Meanwhile, I am trying to install a 3bot via the link. There, the 3bot deployment chatbot failed to acknowledge my payment, although the transaction was successfully processed on the interstellar exchange with the key and memo that were required.


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Sure thing, you’re welcome.I pasted two links joined together my bad the right link to have a local threebot is

Was there any error message? can you also retry deploying again? it will try to reuse the resources you paid for

  • for using the primitives you need to create capacity pool first thing then network then you can go ahead with deploying solutions e.g ubuntu or k8s
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Good morning,

So today everything seems clearer:

  1. Regarding the local installation, I succeeded in installing an instance through poetry (as explained in the 2.2 manual). Everything works properly. The interface is not the same as the one I had when I installed through pip, which mean I probably had an older version.

  2. Regarding the online 3bot deployer, I think I found why my payment was not taken into account yesterday: I selected FreeTFT as currency in the chatbot and paid with TFT. I afterwards retried with the proper currency and the 3bot was deployed, although, FYI, I had to refresh the page to get out of the payment step. I nevertheless couldn’t access the 3bot with my browser. I got a message “secure connection failed”. Certificate problem maybe?

  3. I eventually successfully created a capacity pool and network with my local 3bot. I will be able to carry on with my tests :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help!


@JeromeUlrich Hi again! that’s very good to hear!

Also we are at the moment trying to reduce the amount of options the user needs to go through for convenience. I’m glad it worked! please continue updating us with your testing experience, that’s very valuable feedback for sure. Thanks!

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