Blockchain Cooperations & Partnerships

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend and are staying safe wherever you are in the :earth_americas:.

A quick update from @adnan on our blockchain partnership efforts:

  1. We are talking to 23 blockchain projects in parallel! These conversations are in various stages.

  2. 11 are currently exploring utilizing our grid.

  3. 6 main node integrations are currently in progress.

  4. We have 2 projects already confirmed that they will promote our project to their respective communities.

More to follow, including the reveal of each of our new partner names as we are able to do so.


Can you disclose who has committed to use the grid?


Hey Wim, thanks for the question. We will announce the collaborations and grid use as they progress, currently we have six blockchain project node integrations in progress and will release the project names as they come online. Exciting times!


@AdnanF and team: awesome job!


We have a new partnership on deck, please welcome SelfKey , a non-custodial wallet whereby you are in full control of your data, documents and digital assets. Currently, various use cases are being explored including potential KYC for ThreeFold Farmers . We will share more as it develops.

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