Blockchain Cooperations & Partnerships

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend and are staying safe wherever you are in the :earth_americas:.

A quick update from @adnan on our blockchain partnership efforts:

  1. We are talking to 23 blockchain projects in parallel! These conversations are in various stages.

  2. 11 are currently exploring utilizing our grid.

  3. 6 main node integrations are currently in progress.

  4. We have 2 projects already confirmed that they will promote our project to their respective communities.

More to follow, including the reveal of each of our new partner names as we are able to do so.


Can you disclose who has committed to use the grid?


Hey Wim, thanks for the question. We will announce the collaborations and grid use as they progress, currently we have six blockchain project node integrations in progress and will release the project names as they come online. Exciting times!


@AdnanF and team: awesome job!


We have a new partnership on deck, please welcome SelfKey , a non-custodial wallet whereby you are in full control of your data, documents and digital assets. Currently, various use cases are being explored including potential KYC for ThreeFold Farmers . We will share more as it develops.

For the full post please visit FFP Link:


Here is a new partnership to announce please give a warm welcome to 1WorldOnline an award-winning software platform for interactive marketing campaigns, based in Silicon Valley. Currently, supporting us with advertising, PR, token participation, as well as using our network.


Some updates on our blockchain collaborations, we are running demo sessions this week (April 14th on wards) with various blockchain projects to showcase our SDK and the cool things you can do on the ThreeFold Network. There is a tremendous air of excitement and the spirit of collaboration in these meetings is purely magical! We have 6 projects confirmed this week and more to come please stay tuned.


Can we join this sessions?

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Hey Wim,

We will do more group orientated SDK sessions and anyone can join those for sure! For the time being the sessions are one on one’s with blockchain projects so we can introduce our SDK and determine specific collaborative use cases, which are going super well.

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Hey everyone, over the past few weeks we have been exploring collaboration ideas with quite a few blockchain projects and it has been such an inspiring process. One of the projects is Digibyte. who we have a lot of respect for and share a lot in common too (no ICO, strive for decentralization and are passionate about making a difference). We are still early in our journey so this is just a prelim look at a use case of running thier nodes on our network. Please check out a post by Abdul who has been helping to make the integration happen and has created simple steps on how to deploy Digibyte nodes on our grid: How to deploy a Digibyte node with your 3bot in 5 Steps?. We will keep you posted on how our exploration develops.


This is huge!!
I can see how ThreeFold´s smart contract for it adds another layer of trust to Blockchains like Digitbyte - basically guaranteeing the integrity via smart contract.

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Maybe not that big of an announcement, but definitely an interesting initiative by our Moscow Ambassador Vasily Gnuchev - Artheon - to enter onto the Network - a non profit allowing any person on this globe to explore fine art and culture from all around the world in virtual reality - a free educational platform offering immersive, next level interaction with objects of cultural heritage.

Thank you Kristof and Michael WW to support the initiative.

Vasily would appreciate any connection that could lead to additional content on his platform, as well as people interested in supporting/participating in the project.


Hey everyone, another awesome node deployment to share furthering our cooperation with blockchain projects around the world, please check out Tomochain a really cool project pushing the envelop on decentralized applications from DeFi, Gaming, DEX and beyond! ( . Please check out our post on how to deploy a Tomochain node on our grid: Setting up a TomoChain Node in 5 Steps!


Have a great feeling about how our dialogue with the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce ( is moving forward. We already have our landing page ( on their platform and some really good dialogues ongoing with some of their members / partners / connections.
Hope to be able to bring some more good news about the cooperation soon!


Hey everyone, another great discussion with a wonderful blockchain project called Harmony a large-scale open-source blockchain project for payments, data and media transactions to support over 10 billion people. Please check them out, such a super team, cool project and a great value match. We are in process of implementing one of thier nodes on our network, exciting times!