Better map for ThreeFold Grid

we really like what Helium did for their map


Personally I think would be amazing if ThreeFold has a map like this too.

I like how they divide the map in area’s for network in their case


Scott has also made an amazing map:


Wouldn’t it be great we have a map where everyone can see what needs are and what is available

we need to find ways to show requirements & how we fulfil those requirements


  • supernodes & edgenodes
  • connectivity required in neighbourhood e.g. there are no supernodes yet with large bandwidth or ip addr
  • are there special requirements for specific projects in certain regions


  • how many edgenodes, how many in region, do we need more
  • how many supernodes, how many users can we handle, bandwidth available, ipaddr,…


  • idea is that we in future can do rewards differently in line with requirements to make sure we have a consistent map of compute, storage, network capacity everywhere in the world

Any other ideas?

Please lets use this forum post to see what makes sense, if anyone has an idea how to do it and how much budget is needed…