Backup/Restore local 3Bot state

I have local 3Bot runing some farm management.

What files should i backup fore move my bot on other machine?
And how to restore?

What is for system_backup:job ?
Do I need to configure this for local 3Bot ?

2021-07-27 09:38:43.738 | INFO | system_backup:job:57 - [Backup Package - System Backup Service] Backup job systembackupjob started.
2021-07-27 09:38:43.740 | WARNING | system_backup:job:59 - [Backup Package - System Backup Service] couldn’t get instance of BackupJob with name systembackupjob!
2021-07-27 09:38:43.742 | ERROR | system_backup:job:69 - [Backup Package - System Backup Service] There is no preconfigure restic repo/s. Backup job won’t executed!

data exist in ~/.config/jumpscale directory, if you copy that to a new machine it will work without problems.

System backup: is a service can be configured against remote S3 to backup your configurations periodically, and you don’t need to configure it for your local 3bot

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