Automating Support: NPL Bot (for Q+A)

Hey TFarmers and Threefolders in general.

We all know that Threefold will be the biggest thing that happened to the Internet, since the Internet! So let’s prepare for the waves of questions from future farmers and users.

We now have a good base as a FAQ and it will constantly grow. It will soon be available on the Threefold website. Then, what’s next?

I think we could try and build a NLP bot (natural language processing) to process questions from users. The bot would take its main data from the Threefold’s documentation. This could take care of 80% (rule 80-20) of questions. Then if people can’t find their answers, the human support kicks in. Of course, once the human support solves the user’s problem, we then add the newly gained information on the FAQ, making the bot now apt to answer to the previous unanswerable question.

This might look trivial for now, but imagine when 10 000x 3nodes are being set in a week by as many different users!

Also, what would be GREAT, being decentralized, is of course to offer certified 3node builders and their clients the opportunity to use such bot. As we know, those builders will be responsible to provide support too!

The more input this project can get (Q+A from users), the more resilient and diverse our Threefold library becomes and thus the more efficient our NPL bot can be.

What do you guys think?
I have some idea on how to proceed but I’d be very curious to know others think about this too.


Love the idea, @Mik!