Anybody can get the word out about ThreeFold

I see the community is starting to grow, and this makes me super happy and excited. The world needs the People’s Internet! It’s really important to us at the Foundation that ThreeFold continues to scale in as an organic way as possible. And one of the best ways we can make this happen is by, as a community, spreading the word within our networks. Decentralization!

The Network Effect

Think about this for a minute. If everybody in the community invited even just one person per month into the project, that effort alone would double our community size each month. Surely we all have many people in our own networks who would care about ThreeFold. Right?

This project belongs to all of us, and one-on-one communication at scale has the potential to drive this project to massive scale.

It Starts With You

Last year we created this post about how to spread the word and build a stronger movement. But really it’s quite simple, it should all start with you. Why do you believe in ThreeFold? Share that. And who do you know that would resonate with your “why?” Share with them! Where do you spend your time, online and offline? Share there!

And most importantly, be yourself. Be passionate, be kind, be respectful.

That’s a good place to start.

Get Proactive

If you’re ready for more, here’s another strategy: go out and find them. It’s not just about who we already know. Twitter presents a particularly easy way to find people who care about the things we care about, and talk with them. Use the search option to find conversations that are relevant to ThreeFold and spread the word that way! Find people who are talking about decentralization or Web3 or blockchain or … well the options are endless … and show them why they need to know about ThreeFold.

Helpful Resources

Below are some good resources to share, but if you are looking for something in particular, just let us know.

What do you think? Would anybody be interested in learning more? I’m thinking about hosting a meetup around this topic. Let me know if you’d be interested!


We need to spice up our subreddit. A lot of people, myself included, judge if a project is dead or not by how active they are on reddit.


Agreed, 100%. We’re looking for ideas / support here. Do you have any recommendations?

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