Announcing the Next ThreeFold Community Call: June 01 2023

Hi friends, we’re overdue for a call together. Let’s connect next Thursday June 01 at 5pm CEST / 11am EDT. We’ll cover a range of topics to provide a general and comprehensive project update – and of course please feel free to ask questions here which we will incorporate into the call or answer separately at the end.

Call link here.


Firstly I think the Threefold team must be congratulated delivering the farmer bot and making it work. This is a very good feature for the network especially for people with multiple nodes.
Secondly can the Threefold team share what the plans are for driving utilisation? From my understanding the main user is Zonaris, Foldit it’s not anymore. If there are any more can they be named so we can understand who’s using the network? Also are there any future prospects?

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