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The ThreeFold DAO Validator Node Program is Now Open for registration!

Our ThreeFold DAO and the three layer blockchain approach provides for unlimited scale and security.

Layer 2 is the top layer of our ThreeFold ecosystem also called ThreeFold HUB.

It’s a cosmos based blockchains with max 100 validators.


  • The main blockchain for ThreeFold Tokens (TFT)
  • The securing blockchain for ThreeFold L1 Blockchains (TF Chain, Cosmos Chains and more)
  • Identity Management (KYC, AML, …)
  • DNS for TF Grid
  • Twin Management (ID, Location, …)

What are the Rewards for a Layer 2 Validator?

5% of global TF Grid revenue + 5% yield per year during the first 2 years.

A validator owner also gets 10% commission of the reward from tokens staked on your node.

What are minimal requirements:

  • 1M TFT required for registration.
  • An additional 1M TFT is required to activate voting & rewards.
  • A maximum of 3M TFT can be staked per node (is optional).

TFT needs to be staked for at least 1 year, before reward unlocks.

Follow this post to learn how to reserve a L2 validator node.

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