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The ThreeFold DAO Validator Node Program is Now Open for registration!

Our ThreeFold DAO and the three layer blockchain approach provides for unlimited scale and security.

Layer 0 is the foundational layer of our ThreeFold ecosystem also called ThreeFold Operators.

It’s a network of validator node operators that secure the operating system layer of the ThreeFold Grid.


  • Upgrading of software for the TF Executors and L0 Validators
  • Changing any of the features/specs of running the blockchain for L0 = technical specs
  • Development of new features & the specs for the L0 blockchains and/or TF Executors
  • Panic Button (if the L0 blockchain needs to be put to read-only in case of disaster)

What are the Rewards for a Layer 0 Validator?

10% of the revenue generated by TF Executors (software services).

A validator owner also gets 10% commission of the reward from tokens staked on your node.

What are minimal requirements:

  • 50,000 TFT required for registration.
  • An additional 50,000 TFT is required to activate voting & rewards.
  • A maximum of 150,000 TFT can be staked per node (is optional).

TFT needs to be staked for at least 1 year, before reward unlocks.

Follow this post to learn how to reserve a L0 validator node .

More info:


I have a question about rewards:

Does L0 Validator also receive + 5% yield per year during the first 2 years as mentioned in presentation slide “Validator Nodes & Executors Grid 3.0 / Q1 2022”?

I am also wondering that. Thank for asking the question!

Great post!

Does this mean you only really need 50 000 TFT to run a validator node?

And the 50 000 TFT for activation on voting and rewards can be done afterwards, optionally?

Thank you!

Thanks for the question
To qualify to sign up you will need 50,000 TFT and an additional 50,000 TFT to activate rewards and voting on the L0 validator. = 100,000 TFT total.

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So is that kind of payment for registration ? Will it return us in certain time later or will it be payment to the project ? Also I read max staking amount is 150k for L 0 validators , Will we get 10% over 150k TFT or will it be kind of 10% over produced blocks ? thanks


The tokens are staked, which means they stay yours, but are locked for the period you have the L0 validators. 50K tokens gets you a validators, another 50k (100k total) get so to start earning and voting and then the amount of earning you get is linear with the amount of tokens stake on top of the 100k “base staking to earning” level. so 100k tokens get you 0% of the rewards made by that single L0 validator, 150k TFT’s staked gets you 100% of the validator reward.

More details are found here: About the Validators Signup L0 category

You can invite others to stake their token to your validator, there will be a mechanism that allows for this on the cosmos chain (wallet).

some answers of above

  • staking is not a payment, you just stake (reserve) your tokens for securing a blockchain node, you can at any point in time remove your tokens.
  • you would lose your reward though if you didn’t stake for 1 year (is not sure yet, see the forum post)
  • a validator only produces rewards if the minimal threshold has been achieved (2m for L2)
  • a validator is reserved already with 1m TFT
  • if the validator owner goes below 1m TFT ownership, the validator will no longer function (because there is no longer an owner).
  • 5% yield is for both validator types (L0 and L2) for first 2 years

We have changed the text around blocks and how the commission works, it was little confusing.The 10% has nothing to do with blocks, Its very simple, if you stake your tokens on a validator of another person (so you’re not the owner), you will give 10% of your reward to the owner (is the commission).