About the Secondary TFT Market category

The idea is that everyone can use this section to let others know if they want to buy TFT or have TFT to sell. We realise it is difficult right now to buy TFT from centralised exchanges like liquid, there is not enough liquidity yet, maybe this forum can help with that.

Please use this part of the forum with all best intentions in mind and be careful how you exchange your TFT and the procedure you use.

We’ve take example from projects like pokt.network, they got to a 2 Billion USD market cap 100% over the counter sales. We also think its a good way for people to mention to our community why they are selling tokens and what they will do with the proceeds of the tokens. Maybe the proceeds are used to develop a service on top of the grid, or doing promotion.

Please only exchange TFT with people you trust.

Please note, this is just a service to our community, we take no responsibility whatsoever