About partnerships category

ThreeFold’s open-source, peer-to-peer Internet and Cloud infrastructure represents the underlying layer for a decentralized world.

This category has been created to open conversations around technological and ecosystem developments. There are many projects across the open-source, blockchain, web 3.0, IoT, Metaverse space and we’re always exploring new paths to:

  1. Showcase the potential of ThreeFold’s technology as the first fully comprehensive peer-to-peer cloud infrastructure.
  2. Build an ecosystem of open-source decentralized projects
  3. Create value for our community and the communities of our partners

This category can also serve as an experiment on how we can gather as a community to expand the Threefold ecosystem. In the end if we’re aiming for decentralization, it also means that peers in the ecosystem can energize new paths and get rewarded for it. To do so the ThreeFold Foundation is also willing to provide grants (amount to be defined according to the idea)

So what are we waiting for? It’s time to decentralize everything :slight_smile:

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