A lot of people seem to be worried about twitter, can something like mastodon and threefold help?

Twitter being taken over by musk creates a lot of controversy, this got me wondering this morning, could we right now on top of threefold create an alternative and more…

would the combination of

  • mastodon (twitter alternative)
  • discource (this forum software)
  • peertube (youtube alternative)

be a good way for people to build out their social networks on top of threefold

how would it work?

  • threefold provides real decentralized infrastructure
  • we could use the TFT for rewarding people running these servers (from 3.8 onwards we have the billing capabilities for this)
  • we use activity-pub (which is already used by mastodon & peertube) as underlying federation protocol, we would have to extend discource to support it.
  • we use our threefold connect as identity management & single sign on
  • we use our planetary network to make sure all servers can communicate to each other even if there are internet hick ups
  • we use our weblets techno see https://play.grid.tf/ to make it super easy to get started

towards the future our own digital twin can support activitypub as well.

more services

We can then add the following to the mix soon:

All integrated with threefold connect for single sign on and authenticity

the future (some ideas)

Ofcourse all of this needs to go together with what we are working on with our digital twin.

We are thinking about creating a micropayment network using our digital twin techno, this could allow easy ways for people to contribute and pay for their social network activities.

What if digital currency wallets can seamless integrate with above mentioned federated applications, we believe this can be done safely and easily using our digital twin concept.

some questions, would be nice to get your feedback

  • do you think this is a good idea?
  • are there other apps we should integrate and why?
  • would you consider granting some threefold tokens to make this happen?
  • see also the post about not having chat alternative but stay with above apps

Thanks Kristof. Yes i think this would be a really good idea. And I’ll explain why. I found that one of the ‘groups’ that are willing to embrace this new internet are already communities that look for alternatives of a complete new society. Food, health, education, energy, financial system etc. As you may know mainly Weynand and i are supporting an organisation described above to embrace this awesome development. As promised I’m giving a presentation shortly about Threefold and what it would mean for a new society. Socials are a massive worry and huge selling point for such Community to switch. The sooner the better.
Due to lack of speaking time i took out some details on Freeflow for instance, but the presentations will evolve and include social media next time. I’m convinced if i would list (and demo) social alternatives including Twitter it wpuld do miracles.

So, yes please.

And yes, if it would help we contribute some tokens I’m willing. I already gave up some for that group to try the TF grid.

Keep going! :muscle:


The big question is whether there is a team available to operationalize the effort.
The big fuzz around Twitter right now is about censoring of messages, which is something that Musk wants to reduce to a minimum. Mastodon has the capability, see Reddit discussion on it, but it needs to be managed. And isn’t that exactly a cost where Elon wants to make savings, and the reason why people tend to move away from the Twitter platform ?
Not saying yes or no, just indicating that the exploitation of such a platform is a) not to be underestimated and b) requires some clear vision on how to handle it.


I had the same thought last week. Its a match made in heaven.

The idea is great but IMO dont think we have the luxury to focus on this at the moment. Opportunities like this will be meny once platform is ready for mass adoption and ppl out there know that TF is a relayable partner for deploying apps. At the moment not even the current products are in use, not because they are bad but the wider web3 community is ignorant about the project. If there are some funds free better use would be to put them in rasing awarenes to developer then in any concrete dev project. Just my way of looking at it…

tfgrid is now in gen 3 and people are using it, why not do something which is to the benefit of people and in line with our values.

Personally I think it’s a great opportunity to build something the world needs today and use the capabilities of threefold. Everything is there to do it.

I think there might be quite some people interested to help.


That is a very interesting idea.

I wonder where do you situate Freeflow in all of this? @kristof

I talked about Freeflow to a friend yesterday who knew nothing about all of this tech and within 2-3 minutes we launched a video call and the TF connect was set up and working 100%. Amazing experience it was.

(-: good question, I think the activitypub which is the underpinning of mastodon and the other similar services should be something we also endorse in our freeflow product, so its easy for freeflow twin users to expand into another connected world, basically acivitypub is federated and allows twin to communicate with communities using a standard.

I wish we could add a frontend like mastodon/twitter to freeflow fast, but that takes some more time…

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the more I play with mastodon the more I like it, I would personally like to grant some of my TFT for people who would like to freely host on the threefold grid their mastodon server

Hi Kristof, if it is your personal tokens then that is just fine. If we are talking about TF foundation or similar I think a better weys to spend the funds, as the decentralised community should promote the enviropment for building in general and not specific projects…

Looking at the documentation, we should be able to produce a mastodon flist pretty simply.

Could we provision a deployment solution that deploys hdd storage space for object storage?

we could do that, we can test with our quantum safe filesystem

our egypt team is looking into it, will ask them to post back here

Sounds good.

If possible, we can have a community call with the people interested in this project (Mastodon) then we could see how we could work on this as a team, with the TF team and Threefolders willing to help on this project.

I’m pretty sure many farmers would be willing to host some of the workloads.


Highly intrigued by all of this, as we all should be. It’s starting to really feel like those “early days” that @kristof always speaks about. To @Mik’s point, let’s do a community call on this topic soon. I’ll post a message later today.