A friendly & important reminder about keeping your seed phrase safe

I had a big scare yesterday with forgetting my PIN on TF Connect (I’d been using Face ID for so long I somehow forgot it) and then ultimately forgetting where I’d put my seed phrase.

Remember, there’s no magical “lost my seed phrase” button. If you lose access to an account or wallet in this space and you don’t know your seed phrase, well, that’s it.

In the end I found the seed phrase, in a very clever location at that – but it was not a very fun experience. And it made me think to share with the community just in case someone needed the reminder, like I clearly did.

So, always be sure you know where your seed phrase is stored, and make sure it is stored safely. :pray:t3: With great power comes great responsibility.

Note: You can find your seed phrase in the TF Connect app by clicking on Menu >>> Settings >>> Show Phrase. As the instructions state, it’s best to write the phrase down on a piece of paper and store it in one or more safe locations.


A very important reminder indeed!

I would suggest etching titanium plates over paper for safety, paper can get burnt, wet, or biodegrade in some cases and inks can fade over time.