A digital house for Activist projects

Activism movements like Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion… often have to pay a lot of money (often donations) to keep their data private and safe in a zero emission cloud: would be great if some nodes of Threefold could offer free hosting and technical help to those projects! :deciduous_tree:
In this way the few resources they have could be optimised. :honeybee:

Other projects like Film For Action could rely less on corporate social networks using decentralised platforms like PeerTube. :spider_web:

This can create a mutual benefit since these projects often have an audience with values close to Threefold. :sunflower:


Hi Rebelcode,

Definitely something interesting, ThreeFold itself does not “own” any hardware. But there might be some farmers that would be open to providing those projects free resources.

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Sure, that could be a sort of open call for farmers and activist projects: Threefold is the bridge! :woman_farmer:

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Welcome @rebelcode and thank you for that suggestion. Roel made a good point. I also would like to add that you can apply for FreeTFT for testing purposes.


Thank you, I just try to create bridges between projects that could help the collective! :pray: