3Node-Info (currently AppStore) App

Hello Threefold farmer!

Since my 8 month contribution in TF i have learned a lot from TF and also since a couple weeks ago been courious in finding out some options on TF grid.

First of all to be clear this app is not from Threefold and nor collaboration of any kind. It’s purely to support the grid and off course get more growth which will then maybe benefit me :wink:. And offcourse to proof the decentralization of ThreeFold

I saw a lot of people asking in the Main Telegram for some more info about nodes and also now in the switch to the dashboard there was a lot of misconceptions about what was correct and what not.

Luckily there is off course 1 that must be right and that is (as of right now, and what i’ve noticed) the one i’m using for this app.

It will give you info about:

  • Your farm included public ip’s Ipv4 & ipv6
  • Your nodes with the current “Live” status (as of right now updated every 2 hours) later will add a 1 min ping. This is only little hard as of right now.
  • A whole map with all the nodes on the grid with resources, Public ip or not, Online Status. Later will also add used resources. This is why it is also interesting for grid Users to posses and use it.

Current upcoming futures:

  • Uptime bot (off course improving the current bot from @scott :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  • More info on Used Resources
  • A tab for all info about the growth of the grid

All improvements and suggestions are also welcome:
This thread will be used for that. So any questions and or improvements and suggestions can be widely discussed here.

Testing and AppStore:
As of right now (16-8-2022) the app is still in review and will be done aproxx 18-8-2022. Then it will be open for public testing with a max of 1000 people. Hopefully then in a week we can upload 1.0 te tho appstore and do updates on the way.

The link will be shared here in the course of 2 days.

PlayStore App:
Regarding Android it depends on the demand for this thread and the whole 3Node-Info app.
There will be a poll here quickly after the first week of testing. Off course regarding on the ask for it so let you hear yourself. Will send some screenshot on the way when testing begins.

Privacy Policy:
This app is purely for informative purposes and does not use any tracking or data collection. The only thing the app does is get information from TF Grid Proxy’s. I’m not responsible for any misinformation on the whole app and deny here by the right for any claims or misconceptions. You yourself are responsible for your nodes uptime and testing of hardware. Same goes for choosing nodes for potential deployments.


That sounds like a very useful app for Threefold.

Very usefull app! Hopefully soon in playstore:)

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The app is here to download from the Appstore!

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Hi Teis! Great job! Some suggestions, it would be great if it would support;

  • normal phone users (Android) :joy:
  • reliability of node/farms;
  • when showing public ip somehow also check if it’s configured correctly for deployments :wink:

Love your support (and patience)

Hi @RobertL, thnx. Offcourse!

normal phone users (Android)
I’m still consedering, i don’t have any experience in Android dev only a little UI. I was hoping some of the IT’s on the grid would consider making one and i give them the codes on a presentalpaper.

reliability of node/farms
this i was already thinking about, problem = Threefold them selves don’t do much about dividing nodes/farms. For that reason it’s a little bit of a problematic thing, as i also don’t have any information about hardware sdd speeds, cpu types, internet bandwidth. So the only thing would really be uptime/downtime in that case. Which i will already implement next version!

So keep your nodes up as much as possible.

when showing public ip somehow also check if it’s configured correctly for deployments
So this is a thing i actually asked TF Comunnity chat recently as i’m not sure my self if my ip’s are set correct, they told me it’s a hard road. So not sure if i wan’t to start that either (yet).

Thanks for the suggestions as well :smiley:


I have just finally tested it, and it looks great! Thanks for this contribution to the ecosystem :slight_smile:

The first update is there!

  • Uptime monitor
  • Ping system
  • Up/Down notifications

Download link: