3node connection refused after crash (CLOSED)


I’ve been trying to set up a diy 3node today, but ran into a few problems.

Node was booted and it looked like everything was working (good status on the node, and the farm could see it online)

It looked like it froze after about 4 minutes, so I gave it a power off and on again, but this time I got loads of errors and it wouldn’t load correctly:

**router E > block '3769xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' downloading failed with error: dial tcp 185.68.x.x:9980: connection refused**

** rofs E > Failed to open/download the file: No pool matches key: not routable**

** trySplice: bad file descriptor**

** main I > filesystem unmounted, terminating**
** failed to copy files**

I’ve redone the boot usb/cleared the drives and made a new farm but still the same error.

Any ideas?


same problem here: ZOS failed to boot after firmware update

As states in another post, this is a problem from the Grid’s side. Devs will soon work and fix it.

It should be announced in the TG channel when it gets resolved.

Seems it’s fixed now can you retry to boot the node?

“This should be fixed. Please test and report back”

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I added CLOSED to the post title so people will know the problem has been fixed.

If you have other questions, we can do another post so it will be easier to search by the Threefold Community.

Thanks everyone!

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