3BOT / 3SDK - Some Ideas, Constructive Feedback and Issues

Im not sure if its ok here :smiley:



  1. Miss functions do restart 3bot or services dirfectly from WebUI.

  2. Some “hover” Informations would be great in the whole 3bot. for example in the “Farm Management”, like what assets are there and which is for what. And what and why to i have to enter a organization Id. If i have already a farm, why do i have to create a new

Or what Network is which one? what does STD mean? i only now mainnet or testnet…

  1. Errors about wrong secret seed inputs are shown in plain text. For me thats a huge problem.


  1. There are 2 Admins created but i never created twice of it.

  2. I successfully created a wallet, after trying to create a farm with errors i went again back to the Walletfunctions. The wallet wasnt there anymore and i cant create a wallet again (with the same name).

So there is a wallet but it isnt shown in list.

  1. I cant import any wallet. Not a 3bot wallet and not a threefold app wallet. some different errors like wrong secret but im sure they’re correct.

  2. Despite that wallets are not imported, the name got saved in db…

  3. After the errors in point 2. i cant create new wallets with new names. There are no logs and alarms about it.


In Version 10.5.3 some useful commands are gone.

  • List Conatiners
  • Delete Containers.

For me that was a big problem as i couldn’t delete a faulty 3bot-Container


Positive things
I have to test fuirthermore if i have successfully created a farm.

But the whole thing is great :wink: well done!

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Hello, great feedback ! Thank you for that.

Quite a lot of issues you mention are already in the backlog, so will likely be solved in one of the next releases.
One issue you mention is about impossibility to import a wallet. This is already possible but I believe you tried out importing using the 3Bot Connect app seed words. Now, this is not the secret we are talking about, what is to be imported is the secret of the Stellar account. You can already import the secret from other Stellar wallets (interstellar, Lobstr, …) but as 3bot connect app currently is on tfchain, you don’t have the secret from that wallet yet. Also this is in our backlog, however not yet for the wallet to be released soon.

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@geertmachtelinckx can you check if everything mentioned has now been implemented in code?
And if not done, what is the timing for it?

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Yes, all elements have been implemented. Explanation so far, however, is still in the wikis.
Please bear in mind that with the new version of Jumpscale (automation framework), JS-NG, there are even more functionalities in place, and the wikis are being updated to also reflect these new functionalities.
When also the capacity pooling is in place (soon!), which allows to extend or adapt reservation, and where the real payment only happens when there is workload running (counting use per second), all should be in place to also support unhappy flows (updates needed to the workload, cancellations, etc).