01/30/23 Weekly Threefold Community Q&A and Tech Call Recording

Listen in on discussions about new demonstrations and how-To’s or How a family, a real estate developer or even a large community can use Threefold to host their own cloud and take back control of their data. The Tutorial on installing Umbrel in a deployment and connecting to it with Wiregaurd is in progress and will be released soon!


0:00 Start
6:15 New Chapters Feature In videos
6:34 Umbrel Demo
7:57 What is Umbrel
8:25 Umbrel app store
9:00 Synergy Between Umbrel and Threefold’s Mission
9:30 Why Would I Deploy Umbrel On the Grid
10:52 The Grid as a Supplement to Home Labbing
11:15 Challenges Hosting SMTP Services on the Grid
13:09 What Farms Should I Use to Host Email Services
14:05 Difference Between Certified Nodes and Farms
15:01 GreenEdge Certified Farms
16:50 How The Grid Can Help Data Security and Sovereignty
17:50 Use Case for Threefold in Hosting Your Own Cloud.
19:00 How Threefold Can Provide a Personal Cloud
20:13 How The Threefold Grid Increases Access to Cloud Services
20:50 Threefold in area with low resource availability
21:23 How Is Threefold Using Blockchain technology
23:38 How Is The Threefold Block Chain Different
24:40 Using Threefold To Connect Families
25:10 Benefits of Self Hosting Your Farm
25:25 Zos Vs Self Hosted Hypervisor
26:41 Real Estate and The Threefold Grid
34:18 Continues Real Estate Explanation
36:21 Real Estates Opportunity in Threefold
37:46 Threefold Connecting Businesses with Clients
39:39 How the Grid and Umbrel could be integrated into a home
41:08 Taking Crypto Payments with a deployment
43:20 Putting Scott on the Spot
43:42 How to Find Gold Certified Farms
44:21 Core Use Case of the Threefold Grid
46:06 What are the Different Types of nodes involved in Threefold
48:48 How Can You Interact With the Threefold Grid
49:38 The Threefold Triangle
50:08 Threefold as a Solution for Organizations Seeking Decentralization

Useful Info:
29:51 How These Calls Are Helping Find Solutions
19:49 How to install an app in Umbrel
40:37 Connecting external devices to wiregaurd networks
42:35 Home Assistant in Umbrel
43:06 Pi-Hole in Umbrel