0 TFT earned. Was told payouts on the 5th

Was told TFT payouts are on the 5th of the month.

Today is the 6th and I have 0 TFT

Why is TFT not earned daily? If micro decentralized transactions are the future, why perpetuate random payout or mass hypothetical payout schedules?

With the v3 launch there were some complications, but the payout is expected in the next few hours. Thanks for your patience.

TFT earning is not daily because reliability is important to be measured: only hardware that is reliably available over a longer period is of interest to a user. This is why measurement is needed over a somewhat longer period, and monthly payout was chosen.

Also, as part of the DAO plans, the payout mechanism is planned to become on-chain and using a fix schedule. So your remark will be dealt with and is on the roadmap.

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You should have received your TFT by now, yes? :pray: Let us know.

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